JEMS Technologies

Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

What we offer

We offer HIPAA-compliant Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platforms that manage chronic conditions and/or hospital discharge instructions. The technologies utilize science-based behavioral therapies that are individualized and personally motivating. 

How it helps you

Our best-in-class solutions engage the patient through A.I., encouraging them to adhere to their plan of care. Should a patient fall off track, the platform triggers notifications to family and/or caregivers -- to prevent otherwise avoidable trips to the hospital. 

A telehealth visit can be prompted through the system (proactively). 

Patients who benefit

Most chronic conditions can be successfully managed by our technology solutions. Healthcare providers and payors may be interested in managing various conditions, including: 

  • Cognitive Disorders (mild to severe)
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

Users of the technology

  • Hospitals / ACO’s: addresses 30-day readmission, discharge instructions, etc. 
  • Long-term Care Facilities: engages the patient, reduces staff assist time, etc.
  • Home Health Care: allows individuals to age in place gracefully
  • Payors (e.g. Blue Cross Blue Shield, et al.): lowering costs-of-care by effectively managing disease states
  • Hospice Providers: engages the patient, family and caregivers providing more graceful care

Our recommended solution

Our solutions are delivered to any smart device in easily downloadable applications. We work with best-in-class A.I. software solution vendors. 

The solution we deliver will be the solution that best fits your needs.