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JEMS Telehealth Return on Investment

Virtual healthcare has the potential to be a fully reimbursable medical procedure.

However, with statutory differences in how insurance pays for a virtual consult (Medicaid, Medicare, private, VA, etc), and the overall complexity of payer codes and definitions, many healthcare facilities have fallen behind in acquiring virtual healthcare for their communities.


We will guide you through the complex reimbursement issues so that virtual healthcare makes sense for your community and bottom line.

Though reimbursement questions are the typical cause for delays, virtual mobile health systems can help to reduce overall costs.

JEMS Telehealth, being easy-to-use and affordable, makes it significantly more attractive. With the addition of new healthcare models (Accountable Care Organizations - ACO's) where healthcare providers are rewarded when healthcare spending is contained (i.e. reduced hospital re-admissions, hospital stays, emergency department visits), JEMS Telehealth is essential.

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