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Mobile Cart (facility)

JEMS TelehealthJ-500Mobile Telemedicine Cart

JEMS Telehealth turn-key mobile solution integrates easily into current existing processes and IT infrastructures in healthcare facilities.

JEMS Tele-Rez Unit

JEMS Tele-HomeHealth Laptop

Solution for health care issues regarding paralysis, neurological movement disorders, chronic disease management, etc.

Rugged Portable

JEMS J-500Rugged Telehealth System

JEMS Telehealth fully portable and ruggedized turn-key solution may be used anywhere.

Examples: First Responders and other applications requiring extreme durability.

First Responder Integration

First Responder solutions integrated directly into vehicles.

mHealth App

Receive a direct connect live-streaming HIPAA compliant video on your cell phone or tablet, any time, anywhere.