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Imagine conducting a remote stroke evaluation from the convenience of the smartphone or tablet you are already carrying. With JEMS Telehealth, you can truly "be there," regardless of whether the patient needs intervention in... neurology, cardiology, surgical, hospice care, gastrointestinal, emergency, first responder vehicles, HomeHealth, OB, dermatology, ENT, behavioral health, etc.

In 2010, JEMS Telehealth was the first mobile-video medical consultation system, worldwide, to offer a secure, reliable and affordable solution for healthcare providers who rely on their smart devices (iPhones, iPads, and Android-based smartphones and tablets) to stay connected to their colleagues and patients.

The JEMS Telehealth system is ideal when: Two healthcare providers need to communicate with each other about a patient, but only one of them is physically located next to the patient. A secure, high-resolution video and visual inspection of a patient is required during an urgent clinical situation.

As such, JEMS Telehealth has many clinical, long-term care, emergency and home-based applications, including: remote patient evaluation, admission decisions, and wellness checks.



With JEMS Telehealth... there's no infrastructure to build

Because it is 'data agnostic,' JEMS Telehealth doesn't require building an infrastructure to support it, and is accessible on all networks, including 3G, 4G and WiFi (many are not) - making it significantly more affordable to organizations, and accessible in any location.


First Responders

it's 'direct' immediate connect

This means 'fast' connections, JEMS Telehealth-to-mobile, in emergencies.

By comparison, other solutions are set up similar to a conference call, requiring a pre-arranged 'appointment' process to connect. In those cases, physicians are often tethered to a PC or, if mobile, have limited access on limited mobile networks.

JEMS Telehealth connects un-tethered to un-tethered, JEMS Telehealth-to-mobile.

Home-Health Care Patients

Correctional Facilities

it delivers 'point-of-care' patient care

JEMS Telehealth can go where very few technologies go...right to the bedside of a patient. Whether that patient is living in a remote Alaskan town, African village, Frontier area, tribal land, or in a remote high security state correctional facility.

and it is versatile

JEMS Telehealth Consults have included: Patients, MRI, EKG, ECG, EEG, CT Scan, X-Ray, Endoscopy, Surgery, and Sonograms

Using a smart device / cell phone, from most anywhere in the world...

a physician can consult a surgery a neurologist can complete a full stroke evaluation a family practitioner can practice medicine ED can consult EMS an injured or ailing prisoner can be safely diagnosed (without the imminent dangers and costs associated with escorted transportation to and from a public healthcare facility, etc.)


JEMS Telehealth meets or exceeds regulatory compliance, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It is in full compliance with state and federal regulations.